We now have a great selection of Nepalese, Tibetan & Indian curries to choose from.

    Namche Bazaar is the UK’s first Nepalese, Tibetan & Indian Tapas Bar Restaurant

    I went to Nepal in 2009 and I noticed a new type of dinning experience, Nepalese
    Tapas. Nepalese cuisine lends itself to this relaxed way of dinning and after enjoying
    it myself I wanted to share this experience with others and the concept of Namche
    Bazaar was born. I’m sure you will agree it’s a great way to socialise and end the
    night after having eaten just the right amount.

    We chose the name Namche Bazaar to represent your last stop before the hustle and bustle on the summit of busy metropolitan life.

    Namche Bazaar is popular with trekkers in the Khumbu region, especially for altitude acclimatization, and is the gateway to the high Himalaya. The town has a number of lodgings and stores catering to the needs of visitors.

    You can use Namche Bazaar as your base camp and acclimatize before heading into town or you can settle down and relax with friends and family in comfort

    Beside being in the foothills of the Himalayas Namche Bazaar is located next to the Tesco metro in West Didsbury.

    Our Address is 136 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1JQ

    “The beauty of this place is you control how much or how little you eat” 

    “I can’t wait to sample what other delights Namche Bazaar has to offer over the coming weeks. A real thumbs up from us! Nepalese Tapas has won me over.” 

    “You can have it as spicy or mild as you like” 

    “Loved our meal last night. Will be back soon. Looking forward to seeing how the menu develops. Good luck!”